2 New Tools: Advice Video and Defund Policing Website!

2 New Tools: Advice Video and Defund Policing Website!

New "Advice to New Abolitionists" Video by Rachel Herzing

In 2020, we saw one of the biggest waves of people identifying as abolitionist and calling for abolition in different ways. But what is this politic and what do people new to it need to consider?

Check out this new video from Rachel Herzing, a long-time abolitionist organizer and educator, and co-founder of Critical Resistance, discussing with other long-time abolitionists what this struggle is all about.

Interviewees include Mohamed Shehk, Mariame Kaba, Craig Gilmore, Melissa Burch, Shana Agid, Dylan Rodriguez, Ejeris Dixon, Justin Piché, Erica Meiners, Jayden Donahue, Isaac Ontiveros, Mizue Aizeki and Rachel Herzing.

The full video is almost 20 minutes long.

Watch on our website here.


New 'Defund Police' Website

In 2020, Critical Resistance worked with Community Resource HubMovement for Black LivesInterrupting Criminalization, Freedom Labs (PolicyLinkBYP100Center for Popular Democracy, and Law for Black Lives), Database for Police AbolitionACREAdvancement ProjectAlliance for Educational Justice, and Black Lives Matter Canada to collaborate on a website to consolidate numerous organizing resources for defund policing work. 

DefundPolice.org is a one-stop shop for organizing tools, research, trainings, lessons and legislation surrounding efforts in countless cities to defund policing. 


Check out the website: www.defundpolice.org