Abolition NOW Network

A network for prison indsutrial complex (PIC) abolition

In 2019, Critical Resistance launched a national political education project called the Abolitionist Training School (ATS). We strategically partnered with different movement organizations to strengthen and develop shared organizing skills, analysis and tools for prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition. Through these partnerships, ATS has now grown to become a larger network of abolitionist organizations and movement partners, now called the Abolition NOW Network.  

The organizations in the Abolition NOW network are:


Abolition NOW Network’s Political Education Series in 2020


In October 2020, we hosted with Haymarket Books a month-long virtual political education series to amplify abolitionist theory and practice across struggles and movements. All videos are available online below.

Black & Indigenous Liberation Through Abolition: Teach-in

Straight out of Confinement: #DefundPolice, #FreeThemAll and #AbolitionNow

Locating Abolition within the fight against Imperialism

Building Abolition Now!: Planting Seeds, Growing Abolitionist Futures