Instances of crisis and disaster have historically been used as justification for escalating the resources and power of policing and military responses. Once the crisis has passed, the escalated capacities and response become the new norm. We must not yield to any calls for surveillance, police, or military as a means of managing people under COVID-19. During this time, it is imperative to cease police contact and utilize community based and collective solidarity to support each other.

  • Law enforcement, military collaborations and deployment should be removed from emergency response completely. Do not increase funding to law enforcement, as is the practice under emergency declarations. Emergency funds should be released to community-based organizations, health worker organizations, and self-organized mutual aid groups that are providing material support directly to vulnerable communities.

  • End all ICE enforcement operations immediately, including surveillance, arrests, and deportations

  • End all new arrests, bookings, detentions and caging

  • Immediately end all immigration, law enforcement and child welfare presence in hospitals, clinics, child care, and distribution centers. No one should have to fear being tracked or flagged for contact with the PIC when accessing care.

  • Immediately end all quality of life and broken windows policing, including police enforcement and neighborhood patrols against the houseless, vendors, sex workers & others who are forced to be in public spaces.

  • DAs should decline all criminal charges and divert to public health and community-based supports

  • Cancel all pretrial, probation, and parole meetings; revocation hearings for technical violations; court-ordered classes; drug testing; collection of court debt and restitution; and modify all reporting conditions to phone-reporting.

  • End all “failure to appear” warrants or, “bench warrants” and agree to jointly waive the appearance of people who are out-of-custody.

  • Ban government collaborations with Google, Facebook and other tech companies to use aggregated location data captured from mobile phones for public health surveillance of the virus. While these strategies may support the immediate containment of the virus, the long-term impact is increased, violent surveillance and criminalization of vulnerable communities.

  • We demand a commitment from local and state officials and public health authorities, law enforcement, prosecutors, and immigration authorities that disclosure or failure to disclose COVID-19 symptoms and non-compliance with “shelter in place” or “quarantine” will not under any circumstances lead to criminalization, family court involvement or involvement of immigration authorities.