This pandemic has revealed our sorely under resourced health infrastructure, and reaffirmed the ways that it is tied to systems of criminalization and control. Decades of building up the prison industrial complex while neglecting investment in healthcare is what got us here. We must quickly move to a health care system that is accessible, robust, collective — and not intertwined with policing and surveillance. Health care workers should be well resourced and given what is needed to care for communities.

  • Eliminate medical co-pays for all. All medicines, vaccines and treatment should be free and accessible to all people

  • Make COVID-19 testing and treatment universally available; no one should be turned away and frontline workers should be prioritized (e.g. food delivery workers, childcare workers, distribution center workers, healthcare workers, etc.)

  • Equity in access to care: all clinics and hospitals should be resourced equitably and equipped to provide testing and treatment to COVID-19 patients, including tribal health clinics and hospitals part of the Indian Health Service

  • Immediately end all immigration, law enforcement and child welfare presence in hospitals and clinics. No one should have to fear being tracked or flagged for contact with the PIC when accessing care.

  • Provide universal paid sick leave to all workers in all sectors, including those with temporary/part-time employment status.

  • Provide access to abortions. Some states have been ordered to stop providing the procedure on the grounds that it is a “nonessential and elective” procedure.

  • Provide access to trans health-care. Some states have been ordered to stop providing trans healthcare on the grounds that it is an “nonessential and elective” procedure.

  • Provide protective gear, testing kits, surgical masks and ventilators to all shelters, outreach workers and street care providers. Prioritize protective gear and resources to frontline caretakers like nurses, mothers, doctors, and teachers.

  • Provide free and direct delivery of testing and care services to elders, immunocompromised people and people with disabilities

  • Provide rapid deployment of free mobile WiFi in communities with limited access to facilitate on-line education, tele-medicine, basic communications.

  • Provide free public transportation for all (busses, trains, subways, etc.) and coordinate free transportation assistance for people with disabilities.

  • Provide free access to telehealth and prescriptions for at least 3 months

  • End all cuts to SSI and SSDI. Suspend all medical Continuing Disability Reviews.

  • Close all schools (and universities) and provide free meals, paid leave and free, sanitary, and well resourced childcare services to students, parents and caregivers especially those who are frontline health workers

  • Provide free, sanitary, and well resourced childcare services to parents and caregivers, especially those who are frontline health workers

  • Immediate end to mandatory reporting to Child Welfare