Abolitionist Platform in Response to COVID-19 – Point #5


This pandemic is not bound by borders. As such, our solidarity and response must be international. Moments of crisis and disaster have long been used as justification for restricting people’s access to movement and care. All borders and sanctions that restrict people’s movement to access care or restrict the exchange of food and medical supplies across nations and territories must be lifted.

  • End all local and international exchanges of policing, surveillance and military technologies.

  • Immediately suspend all military activity in countries with US troops, and begin withdrawing military presence internationally.

  • Halt Department of Homeland Security border patrol activity and open up borders for refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers.

  • End US sanctions against Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and all countries to increase the exchange of and access to medical care and supplies.

  • End US military aid to repressive governments, especially as they are instituting draconian measures as a response to COVID-19, such as Israel’s continued blockade of Gaza and denial of legal access and basic medical care to Palestinian political prisoners, and the Philippines’ Duterte abusing emergency powers against the population.

  • Ensure that tribal health clinics and hospitals part of the Indian Health Service are resourced equitably and equipped to provide testing and treatment to COVID-19 patients.

  • Provide unconditional financial support to countries, such as Cuba and Venezuela, who are providing medical teams to countries hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.