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Critical Resistance New York City chapter (CR NYC) is focusing its efforts locally and amplifying the call for a Jail Free NYC. With the potential closure of Rikers Island on the horizon, CR NYC is alert and committed to defeating plans for borough-based jail expansion. Together with imprisoned organizers who have experienced Rikers and the NY State prison system, CR NYC is developing a platform that contradicts the Mayor’s assertion that there is such thing as a “fairer” or “safer” cage. 

Critical Resistance New York City (CR NYC) works to build strong connections with imprisoned organizers through The Abolitionist newspaper, East Coast focused publications, and their mail program, bringing the voices of imprisoned comrades to the fore of debates on new policies, dangerous reforms and abolition. 

Jail Free NYC

As the city works to close Rikers, we continue to push against more borough based jail construction. We are currently developing a political platform for a jail free NYC and working to get allies involved.

Reports from Imprisoned People

Publishing reports with the analysis and experiences of imprisoned organizers helps to push back against the violence of prisons with a goal of their abolition.

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Together, we're strengthening relationships with people imprisoned up and down the east coast and helping to grow the Abolitionist Newspaper's readership base!

News and Upcoming Events from CRNYC:

March 3, 2018: CRNYC To Present at Beyond the Bars Conference

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Feb 1, 2018: Fighting Against the NYC Budget’s Spending on Jails and Policing

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio released a Preliminary Budget that proposes funneling millions of public dollars toward punishment and continued state violence. Instead of emptying Rikers Island, ending broken windows policing, and investing in real, meaningful opportunities for the people of New York, this budget outline pursues plans that expand policing and the jail system in New York City under the guise of shrinking it. Here are some places where the city is planning to waste much needed resources – Read more here…

December 20, 2017: Stop Package Restrictions in New York State Prisons!

On March 6th, 2017, an internal memo was issued by Anthony Annucci, Acting Commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS), announcing potential policy changes where “packages or articles sent or brought to facilities” would be restricted to approved vendors. On December 4th, DOCCS issued a directive outlining a pilot program at three prisons – Greene, Green Haven, and Taconic – where packages would be restricted to orders from five vendors, thereby prohibiting personalized packages received from anyone else, and newly banning a long list of basic items like fresh fruits and used books

Get involved or contact CRNYC:

Contact CR New York and get involved:

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