Community Legal Clinic

Call For Volunteers!

Critical Resistance New Orleans launched a Community Legal Clinic (CLC).  CR opened the clinic in order to integrate direct service with grassroots community organizing. We see this as one way to build a strong community and end societies reliance on the Prison Industrial Complex. One component of the clinic is providing the community with a direct service day to address some immediate legal needs that New Orleanians have.  We plan on having one Saturday clinic a month through the end of June, 2010.

The clinic will focus on:

  1. helping people expunge their records so they can try to access employment, housing, benefits, and other necessities of life.
  2. helping people file police complaints, considering police violence is a large issue in our offices immediate neighborhood, the Treme.
  3. having volunteer attorneys provide on site criminal legal advice. Though community legal advocates will be able to assist on the expungments and police complaints, we are aware that people will come in with broader criminal legal issues.

Critical Resistance is currently looking for volunteers as Community Legal Advocates (CLAs):

CLAs will:

  1. do intake for people coming into the clinic
  2. help people understand the Expungement process (if that is what they are asking for)
  3. help people fill in Police Complaint Forms

CR will be providing training for advocates. So, the time commitment will be one 1hr training as well as volunteering the day of direct service.

In the future we will also have larger legal and organizing institutes that build the capacity of community members to respond to police violence, navigate legal systems, and prevent and respond to sexual and interpersonal violence. However, we are just starting with the service compnent of our clinic.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to this project, please respond with the information below to Andrea at  or call 504-304-3784.

Check out our Community Legal Clinic Training Manual (coming soon) to find out more about filing for your own expungement.


Volunteer Pre-registration


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