Our Work

Our Campaign:

Portland continues to anchor Care Not Cops, a Mental Health Care Not Policing campaign that is fighting for a reduction in the 2018-2019 Portland Police Bureau budget. We are demanding that mental health care be centered in the hands of community, and are calling for a reduction in police spending towards ultimately disarming and defunding the police. We unequivocally reject the Portland Police request for a budget increase of $12.7 million in order to hire for 93 new police positions! Read our 2018 budget analysis here.

With the City of Portland prioritizing policing rather than trained community-based mental health first responders, people experiencing mental health episodes are punished or criminalized, often leading to imprisonment, injury, or death. Policing and imprisonment forcefully removes people from our communities and creates more severe long term problems, rather than providing the care we need.

A May 17th, 2018 update on this work can be found here.

We invite you to get involved with this campaign through attending our monthly volunteer sessions. Email us to get involved and find out when the next session will be. crpdx@criticalresistance.org

Join Critical Resistance Portland for our monthly Mail Program!

Each month we gather as a mail crew and volunteer team to host an open letter writing + work party to connect with folks looking to get involved. We receive anywhere from 5-25 letters a month and we offer political education, resource information, and books and articles Folks can help out by writing letters to people in OR/WA prisons, typing notes or archiving correspondence, as well as other things that help our chapter running. This is the best time to connect with chapter members and learn more about upcoming projects, events and build coalitions among accomplices for abolition.

Find us on the 3rd Mondays of the month at 5:30pm. Contact us or find us on Facebook to confirm location.