Close 850 Bryant Now! Hearing at SF Board of Supervisors

Close 850 Bryant Now! Hearing at SF Board of Supervisors

Friday October 18, 2019 from 9:30am-12:30pm

  • 9:30am – Join us for Coffee and Comradery in Civic Center Plaza, directly across from SF City Hall
  • 10:30am – Testify at the Hearing on Jail Closure at Public Safety Committee in SF City Hall, Second Floor

In July we mobilized to demand swift action for the closure of the jail at 850 Bryant, and the Board of Supervisors heard our call, with Supervisors Matt Haney Norman YeeHillary RonenSandra Lee FewerShamann WaltonVallie Brown moving forward a public hearing on the issue. On October 18th the Sheriff and City Administrator are being called to this hearing to report on the City’s ability to Close the Jail at 850 Bryant. We believe that they will come with threats that in order to close the jail the City will have to resort to either building a new jail, over-crowding in the San Bruno jail, or transferring imprisoned people to Santa Rita in Alameda County. This is unacceptable!

We refuse to be held hostage to these threats when the City has known of the seismic threat to the building since 1996. What’s more, in January of 2016 the City initiated a process to close the jail by reducing the jailed population size, yet the numbers of people caged at 850 Bryant have only increased since then! We need you to speak out!

Join the effort to Close 850 Bryant and Build a Better San Francisco! Come to the hearing on Friday October 18th at 10:30am to hold our government accountable.

  • Coffee and Comradery: Join us at 9:30am directly across from City Hall (Polk Side) in the Civic Center plaza to share in coffee, tea, and breakfast. Learn about the campaign and connect with other members of the coalition.
  • Supervisors’ Hearing: Enter City Hall at 10:30am to make our presence seen and heard at the hearing. Please plan to share public comment. We will have talking points available.

Across the City, in government and community we agree that the jail at 850 Bryant must close. The difference is that we know San Francisco can do better for our communities!

  • We demand that the jail close immediately. We cannot wait until the next earthquake hits.
  • We demand no new jails, no transfers to other counties, no increased electronic monitoring.
  • We can safely close the jail by July 2020. Decriminalize houselessness and quality of life charges and reduce the number of people held pre-trial.
  • We can build lasting solutions. Invest in housing, mental health care, and voluntary substance use treatment.

The campaign is moving forward and building momentum with the newest supporters of closing 850 Bryant including the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, the SF Human Services Network of 110 SF service providers, the GLIDE foundation, and AFT 2121 City College Faculty Union! With a Board of Supervisors that has taken bold action to close the youth jail and create comprehensive mental health solutions we believe we can also shut down 850!

“We support shutting down 850 because it costs at least $258 to imprison someone per day, and instead of using this money to criminalize people, we could use it for services like housing or treatment programs and then to improve our schools we could use it to add counselors to our schools so the students there won’t be going into the school to prison pipeline and won’t have to go through it.” 
– Briseis, Coleman CMACer, speaking to Supervisor Rafael Mandelman on why we need him to sign the letter committing to closing 850 by July 2020