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The Abolitionist, launched in the spring of 2005, is a bilingual (English/Spanish) publication dedicated to the strategy and Abolitionist 23practice of prison industrial complex abolition. It is distributed absolutely free of charge to over 3,000 people in prisons, jails, and detention centers throughout the US, who in turn share the paper with many more of their fellow prisoners. As George Jackson said: The point is…in the face of what we confront, to fight and win. That’s the real objective: not just to make statements, no matter how noble, but to destroy the system that oppresses us. By any means available to us. And to do this, we must be connected, in contact and communication with those in the struggle on the outside.

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MidYearIG2_AbbyMapYour subscription helps us to send the paper to over 5,500 prisoners for free.

1,000 new subscribers joined us in 2016, thanks to your support! Outside subscribers enable imprisoned people to receive this valuable political tool for free.

$15 gives you three issues and supports one prisoner with a free subscription for a year;

$30 supports three prisoners with a free one-year subscription.

$60 supports seven prisoners with a free one-year subscription.


  • MidYearIG3_AbbySubscriptionsTo subscribe by credit card:
  1. Visit this page.
  2. Enter in the your subscription price under  Amount.
  3. Under Program Designation, make sure to  select “The Abolitionist Newspaper.”

You may also send a check (payable to Critical Resistance) to
The Abolitionist
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**NOTE: For payment through credit card or check, please also indicate whether you would like an electronic copy of the paper (pdf) or print copy (to be mailed to you).