Campaigns & Projects

With a handful of chapters spread across the country, CR actively participates on a number of nation-wide (and sometimes international) campaigns and projects  in order to strengthen our ability to combat and eventual abolish the prison industrial complex.

Prisoner Mail Working Group

  • Regular communication with people imprisoned across the country is essential to building a national movement to eliminate the prison industrial complex. All CR Oakland members participate in corresponding with prisoners to create political discussion, provide information, and build relationships with imprisoned people.


The Abolitionist Educators support campaign 

  • The Abolitionist Educators support campaign was launched in 2012 to mobilize individual, institutional, financial, analytical, and labor resources in support of Critical Resistance (CR). Critical Resistance is a grassroots organization that for over 12 years has played a unique and essential role in the political struggles of our times: working to abolish the prison industrial complex (PIC). CR is at the forefront of forging strong campaign strategies advanced through local chapters and honing our understanding of the PIC.