The Zachary Project: 2020 Recipient Testimonies 

Food, Medicine, Water

The Zachary Project fund supported me in an especially difficult time at the beginning of the pandemic. It helped me fulfill my basic needs – food & living expenses. It helped relieve stress and helped create safety for me in a time of great uncertainty. Thank you for your generosity and kindness!”
The Zachary Project made it possible for my house-mates and I to pay a huge water bill as we were looking at needing to cover the costs of someone moving out without notice or payment— all during COVID and unemployment for some of us.”
Because of the rapid response and care I received because of The Zachary Project, I have been able to care for my immediate mental and physical needs. I am able to pay for medication that I need and at this time cannot live without, not even for a day.”
I was able to pay my rent with these funds from the Zachary project. Because I had money for rent, I could feed my family!”

Housing Emergencies

While I was struggling to look for funds after I lost my job due to covid, The Zachary Project showed up for me. I didn’t have rent or any resources and had lost my housing. They pulled resources together to help get me sheltered through reaching out to community. As a Black queer Oakland native, I’m hella appreciative for this org. Thanks so much, Zachary Project.”
The Zachary  Project was there for me and my family in our darkest moments. We found ourselves houseless after our apartment caught fire, with none of our belongings or even clothing. During these already terrifying times of Covid-19, we desperately needed to shelter and begin to rebuild our stability. We are still on our way to doing that. It is a day by day process, and The Zachary Project held us up when we really needed it.”
The Zachary Project came through for me at a very critical point during the height of the pandemic in April of 2020. I had been working in food service and was abruptly laid off due to shelter-in-place. As a part-timer, with no savings, I was heavily reliant on every paycheck to make rent and keep me afloat… When a good friend of mine told me about the Zachary Project I became ecstatic and applied right away. The funds from this mutual aid project protected me from eviction and literally gave me a leg to stand on in my most desperate hour. Outside of my former day job, I am a working-class Black woman artist and cannot express my gratitude enough for Critical Resistance. This organization has been pivotal in restoring both my personal and artistic livelihood.”

The Zachary Project helped my sister-in-law pay the deposit on a three-bedroom apartment for her and her four children. She was released from federal prison into a halfway house September 2019 and released from the halfway house in March 2020.”

When my workplace closed due to COVID-19, the Zachary Project fund made it possible for me to pay my utilities and rent. I had no income for two months and I would not receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for over three months after I initially applied. The Zachary Project gave me a sense of stability and it was a huge relief during this moment of uncertainty. I am so thankful that the Zachary Project is available to organizers and their communities in difficult times. For me, this resource provided more than just funds–it helped me to feel supported by my comrades.”

Request funds from The Zachary Project:

Are you a Critical Resistance member or a friend of CR Oakland chapter in need of Zachary Project funds? Email with “Zachary Project- Packet Request” in the subject.