Elements of the Prison Industrial Complex


System of cages including jails, prisons, detention centers, etc etc


Policing is a social relationship made up of a set of practices that are empowered by the state to enforce law and social control through the use of force. Reinforcing the oppressive social and economic relationships that have been central to the US throughout its history, the roots of policing in the United States are closely linked the capture of escaped slaves, and the enforcement of Black Codes. Similarly, police forces have been used to keep new immigrants “in line” and to prevent the poor and working classes from making demands. Read more...

State Repression

State repression involves the actual or threatened use of physical, emotional violence against an individual, a community, or organization for the purpose of imposing a harmful impact and eliminating social and political dissent by political organizations, people of color, poor people, queer people, immigrants, youth, and other oppressed communities that make demands for self-determination and reorganization of power in the US, as well as deterring specific activities and/or beliefs perceived to be challenging to government power, interests (including economic interests and partnerships), practices or institutions. Read more...

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