The Abolitionist

The Abolitionist, launched in the spring of 2005, is a bilingual (English/Spanish)

Abolitionist 23

publication dedicated to the strategy and practice of prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition. It is distributed absolutely free of charge to thousands of people in prisons, jails, and detention centers throughout the US, who in turn share the paper with many more of their fellow prisoners. As George Jackson once said: 

The point is…in the face of what we confront, to fight and win. That’s the real objective: not just to make statements, no matter how noble, but to destroy the system that oppresses us. By any means available to us. And to do this, we must be connected, in contact and communication with those in the struggle on the outside.

An inside-outside publication for abolitionist struggle & strategy across prison walls


Three times per year, Critical Resistance prints different issues of The Abolitionist, exploring a range of topics related to the strategy and struggle of PIC abolition. From analyses of racial capitalism and imperialism, to housing, education, land struggles, mental health, confronting gender violence, fights to build life-affirming infrastructure for community self-determination and more, each issue is packed with fresh analytical articles, reflections, poetry, visual art, and organizing resources and tools for resistance inside and outside of prisons.  


Read past issues of the paper on the project’s blog:

Project News & Updates: 2021-2022

Critical Resistance members worked hard all of 2020 to revitalize The Abolitionist newspaper project. Restructuring the paper itself as well as our editorial and publishing processes, the editorial collective will publish three timely and comprehensive issues this coming year, and focus on improving our distribution and circulation of the paper both inside and outside of prison. 

Issue 35

  • Printed July 2021

  • Features focus on Defunding Policing

  • Read a sneak peek of the issue here!

Issue 36

  • Coming out by December 2021

  • Features focus on “Pathways toward Freedom,” covering different strategies for getting our people out of cages. 

Issue 37

  • Coming out by in the first half of 2022

  • Features focus on the housing movement and shelter

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Issue 35 of The Abolitionist, released in July 2021, continues the newspaper’s new “feature-and-column” structure, with a set of feature pieces focuses on providing critical analysis, reflection and resources on defunding policing.

Read more on what’s inside the issue here, see a sample piece here, and subscribe to check out the complete issue (Free downloads will be available at end of year).  

Issue 33 (printed in November 2020) introduced a new column with imprisoned author, abolitionist educator and (dis)organizer Stevie Wilson. Listen to why Stevie thinks why The Abolitionist is a vital project in this recording he shared with us for our Issue 33 launch event in December 2020. 


Introducing a STUDY GUIDE for Issue 35

For issue 35 of The Abolitionist, CR’s Editorial Collective created an interactive study guide for readers inside and outside of cages to use in deepening their engagement with our newspaper. 
Read about what’s in the study guide and its intentions here. 
Download a pdf of the study guiding by selecting the button below. 

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