Join Us on Tuesday, Aug. 13 - LA Will Vote on Ending the Jail Contract!

Join Us on Tuesday, Aug. 13 – LA Will Vote on Ending the Jail Contract!

Tuesday, Aug. 13 – LA Will Vote on Ending the Jail Contract!

After hearing hundreds of public comments and receiving numerous petitions and well researched analyses against jail construction, the Board of Supervisors is finally listening to community demands and pressure to cancel the contract to build the “Mental Health Treatment Center”, a jail by another name. Supervisors Hilda Solis and Sheila Kuehl have introduced a motion, to be heard on Tuesday, that would cancel the construction contract approved in February of this year.

Join Critical Resistance Los Angeles on Tuesday at the Justice LA rally. Plan to stay for public comment so the Supervisors understand that we will not back down in our demands.

Mobilize to the Board of Supervisors
When: Tuesday, August 13th at 9:00 AM
Where: 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, 90012

Join JusticeLA for a Press Conference & Rally

Help us move the rest of the Board to reject new jails! 

If you agree that people with mental health needs should be treated in their community and not in a jail, sign and share our petition against the mental health jail! 

Email or call your Supervisor asking them to vote ‘YES’ to CANCEL THE CONTRACT for jail construction!

Don’t know who your supervisor is? Find out here!

  1. HILDA L SOLIS, (213) 974-4111, E-mail:
  2. MARK RIDLEY-THOMAS, (213) 974-2222
  3. SHEILA KUEHL, (213) 974-3333,
  4. JANICE HAHN, (213) 974-4444,
  5. KATHRYN BARGER, (213) 974-5555,

Sample Script: Thank you Supervisor _______ for your commitment to investing in alternatives to incarceration. As a stakeholder in your district, I am deeply troubled that the County has been moving forward with construction of a jail by another name, the “Mental Health Treatment Center”. We can close Men’s Central Jail without building a new jail through decriminalization, diversion, pretrial reform, and community-based care. I strongly urge you to vote ‘YES’ to cancel jail construction next Tuesday and continue building on the County’s visionary work for alternatives to incarceration.