New Study Guide for The Abolitionist Newspaper, Issue 35!

The Abolitionist newspaper is the longest running project of Critical Resistance (CR) and is an active organizing tool, used to facilitate and support study both inside and outside of prisons. As such, we value and create each issue to be used for study to propel consistent and vigorous organizing work. As a collective, we decided to create an interactive study guide, co-edited by imprisoned columnist Stephen Wilson and other members of CR’s The Abolitionist the Editorial Collective to uplift and encourage further study Issue 35 of our newspaper, featuring pieces on, defunding policing. We created this guide to support our readers in navigate the topics discussed in this issue. It is our hope that this guide serves as a useful political education tool, and allows for folks on the inside and outside to engage in generative, principled discussion on efforts to defund and abolish all forms of policing. The guide follows and uplifts four prevalent themes throughout the issue. The four themes are:

1. Education 

2. Strategies and History of Defund Demands 

3. Place and Location, and 

4. Neoliberalism.

The study guide includes discussion questions, key terms and definitions, activities and prompts, and quotes from our authors to guide us through the issue. 

We hope this resource will be useful and grounding in your study of our paper.

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The Abolitionist Editorial Newspaper Collective, Critical Resistance