Building People Power: Second Saturdays

Join us at 4400 Telegraph Ave (back lot on 44th) for a celebration of community and skill-sharing. Each Saturday will include mini workshops, art-making and music with Critical Resistance, grassroots partner groups and neighbors. Come help us build our next mural!

  • What: Story Circles, Muraling, Workshops & Community Building

  • When: Sat. November 9, 2019; December 14, 2019 and January 11, 2020 @ 12pm-3pm

  • Where: 4400 Telegraph Ave, Oakland (Lot space on 44th)

Story Circles and Mural Planning

This Saturday November 9th, we invite you to be part of a story circle to learn from neighborhood elders and longtime residents around themes of Respect and Self-Determination. Our Neighborhood and Visuals Committee team members, Leslie Lopez (aka Dime), Dom Villeda (Treat U Nice signs) and Evan Bissell will transform our reflections from community discussion into a mural we will paint at the following BUILDING PEOPLE POWER Saturdays.
Building People Power is sponsored by our movement partners!

ASATA (Alliance of South Asians Taking Action), GABRIELA, Philippines-U.S. Solidarity Organization (PUSO) East Bay, Palestinian Youth Movement.
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Abolitionist Skillshares: Sign up!

We are seeking partners who we can work with to activate the space through abolitionist skill shares. We are looking for partners who can teach practical skills that also help us envision our own capacity and power for abolitionist futures.

Do you know someone who we could partner with to host a hands-on workshop? Some examples of things we’re looking to host, but not limited to: healing practices, tail-light fixes, lock-picking, go-bag/emergency prep, earth-building…others?

If so, connect us!! Email or sign up here.
A beautiful contribution from our comrades at Movement Generation and The North Pole…
Come check out the latest mural at 4400 Telegraph, contributed by our comrades at Movement Generation! Created by Pancho Pescador, Desi Mundo, and Kili Muñoz for The North Pole web series, this mural is part of an upcoming music video featuring Zion-I, MADlines, and Donte Clark. The North Pole series delves into issues of gentrification, climate justice, and Bay Area resiliency, and we are stoked to have this mural representing North Oakland power and creativity in the face of threats to the environment and neighborhood we call home.