Shirley Leslie Intro Message

Intro Message from Shirley Leslie, CR’s New Development Coordinator

Dear Friends,

My name is Shirley Leslie, and I’m thrilled and honored to be joining Critical Resistance as the National Development Coordinator. I have just officially begun my work in this position, and I’m sincerely looking forward to contributing to such a pioneer organization in the fight for abolition.

I bring a wealth of event planning experience, publicity know-how, and overall organizational skills to this role. Over the past several years, I’ve held roles as an administrator and as an independent publicist for developing musicians, which allowed me to refine my skills in establishing and bolstering interpersonal relationships, in planning and executing large-scale events, and in general outreach to community members. However, after becoming hyperaware and sensitive to the issues that are so pervasive in our society, the trajectory of my life recently shifted completely from what I thought would be music for quite a long time, to community empowerment and action.

Through my community work and volunteering with CR, I also became involved with the No New San Francisco Jail Coalition’s campaign to shut down the jail at 850. I am now a very active member of the campaign’s Individual Outreach work group. All that time and work spent volunteering with CR and the NNSFJ coalition fortunately culminated in my shift into this position!

These past few months around the CR and coalition teams have shown me the importance of community education and involvement, self-determination, and fervent organizing to fight for the things we so desperately need. I’m truly excited for this new journey and for the opportunity to contribute to the fight toward abolition fostered by the firebrands before me. This is such a strong community of people firmly dedicated to theory and practice, and I’m so grateful to be a part of that community.

In Solidarity,

Shirley Leslie