No New SF Jail!

Urgent! Take Action Against Proposed New SF Jail

Things are moving fast around San Francisco’s disastrous proposal to build a new maximum security jail. Last week, despite public outcry and denunciation, state officials awarded $80 million to San Francisco towards financing the proposed $246 million jail.

They know how loud and strong our opposition is. That’s why they’re trying to barrel ahead and fast-track the new jail proposal.

On Monday, an advisory committee called the Capital Planning Committee will be asked to take extreme and potentially binding actions to not only accept the state’s $80 million offer, but also to commit the City to building the jail, and authorize the City to take out a high-interest loan for $215 million.

With all of the debt payments over the years, building this new jail would divert nearly $600 million out of the City’s general coffers, away from programs and services like education, mental health services, and affordable housing. That doesn’t include the costs of operating the facility — or the enormous human and social resources it will drain from our communities.

We can’t let them get away with this. 

Please be on the look-out for action alerts and updates to our website.

1) Be prepared to mobilize to the Board of Supervisors hearing on Tuesday, Nov 17, City Hall, Legislative Chamber, at 2 pm. We are still awaiting details but have strong reason to believe that the Board will hear an introduction of legislation to accept and expend the financing needed to advance the jail proposal.

2) Call and email the members of the Board of Supervisors. Let them know you are against new jail construction in San Francisco. See below for more detailed talking points.

Demand that these Supervisors reject the jail funding and say no to the proposed jail plan:

London Breed, District 5
(415) 554­7630

Thank these Supervisors for standing against the jail plan, and urge them to continue doing so by rejecting the SB 863 funding:

John Avalos,District 11

(415) 5546975

Malia Cohen, District 10
(415) 554­7670

David Campos District 9
(415) 554­5144 ­

Mark Farrell District 2
(415) 554­7752 ­

Jane Kim District 6
(415) 554­7970 ­

Katy Tang District 4
(415) 554­7460 ­ Voice

Eric Mar District 1
(415) 554­7410 ­

Scott Wiener District 8
(415) 554­6968 ­

Norman Yee District 7
(415) 554­6516 ­

Julie Christensen District 3
(415) 554­7450 ­

For Supervisors Breed, Christensen, Cohen, Yee, Wiener, Tang, Farrell

Dear Supervisor _______,

This summer, you agreed to allow Department of Public Works to apply for SB 863 jail funding by approving resolution 261-15, contingent on the jail proposal being revisited before taking action. Now financing to the tune of $80million has been approved by the Board of State and Community Corrections and our community’s livelihood on the line. We call on you to reject the jail proposal and prioritize community based solutions.

  • Eighty-five percent of SF’s jail population is pre-trial, many locked up simply because they can’t afford bail. Will you stand against punishing the poor?
  • Fifty-six percent of SF’s jail population is African American while the city’s African American population has declined to around 5%. Will you stand against structural racism?
  • A maximum security jail cell is no place to receive mental health treatment. It is ineffective, costly, and harmful treatment. Will you prioritize more jail cages or supportive healthcare within our communities?

Despite how it’s described, this is not free money for the City and County. Accepting SB 863 financing from the State of California means that we commit at least $166 million in additional San Francisco money. This is funding that could be used for social services, affordable housing, mental health provision, a struggling City College system, or many other community needs.

When it comes to the Board for decision, we call on you to reject SB 863 funding and the related jail proposal. Additionally we ask you to demand that the Capital Planning Committee, Department of Public Works, and Mayor’s Office reject the jail proposal and instead create a new community plan for building a safer and stronger San Francisco.

Do the right thing: say no to the jail proposal.

Your name (let them know if you are an SF resident, worker, student, etc)

For Supervisors Mar, Kim, Campos & Avalos

Dear Supervisor ________,

Thank you for taking a stand and speaking out against needless jail construction in San Francisco. We call on you to reject the $80 million of SB 863 funding recently awarded to the City and County to create 384 maximum security beds. The jail proposal as it currently stands will ultimately cost SF a minimum of $166million of our own money. As SF residents, workers, service providers, youth and community members, we know that you are not simply saying no to a new jail. We thank you for saying yes to prioritizing community based mental health services, bail reform mechanisms, pre-trial diversion programs, shelter and affordable homes for San Franciscans, and other efforts that will continue to keep our residents out of jails and in the communities where they belong.

When legislation comes to the Board of Supervisors to approve or reject SB 863 financing, we ask you to again say “yes” to building a safer and stronger San Francisco by saying “no” to this funding and any new jail proposal.

Additionally we ask you to demand that the Capital Planning Committee, Department of Public Works, and Mayor’s Office reject the jail proposal.

Thank you for your support,

Your name (let them know if you are an SF resident, worker, student, etc)