We're hiring a Building and Project Manager

We’re hiring a Building and Project Manager


Building and Project Manager

Critical Resistance (CR), a national grassroots organization working to end the prison industrial complex (PIC), seeks a Building and Project Manager to coordinate the planning, design, and interim management of a vacant 9,000 square foot building that we are turning into our new organizational home. In three years’ time, the building will hold offices and a community event space for Left and social justice organizations. This position will be based in Oakland, CA between our National Office and the new building.

Position Description:

The Building and Project Manager will work alongside a CR Building Committee and other relevant bodies (see below), and is responsible for managing the design and renovation of the building, interim building use, and coordinating CR’s preparation for occupancy. Work involves managing various projects: recruiting and coordinating architects and contractors for design and construction; seeking required permits from City offices; and preparing physical readiness and management for occupancy.

PDF of Job Description available here.


Design and Construction Project- Liaison

  • Facilitate consensus of design schematics with architects and CR committees
  • Support the design, construction (recruitment, hiring, oversight, etc.) and city permitting processes
  • Communicate and engage CR staff, membership, and other key stakeholders regarding the design process

Management and Security

  • Manage access to the building
  • Event management, booking and use of the building and parking lot, as needed

Neighborhood Engagement and Visual Presence

  • Maintain clean sidewalks and remove graffiti if present. Serve as point of contact for city inspectors
  • Build and maintain relationships with the surrounding neighborhood
  • Liaise with influential local stakeholders, including the Business District and City Council representatives, as necessary
  • Coordinate the Visuals Committee to develop, execute, and maintain a visual plan for the exterior of the space

Project Coordination

  • Draft and document work plans with CR staff and membership
  • Manage project budgets, insurance requirements, and other relevant administrative requirements
  • Support the CR Building Committee, Visuals committee, and CR’s membership to advance visioning, architectural design, and construction plans



  • Ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and build new relationships as needed
  • Ability to prepare documentation materials (photos, meeting summaries)
  • Computer and writing skills: Ability to draft basic Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, summaries and reports; proficient use of email and online file sharing
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Can work effectively independently, and as a team member
  • Ability to stay accountable to multiple organizers in a non-hierarchical organization
  • Willingness to maintain a flexible schedule and be locally mobile

Valued Skills and Experiences:

  • Experience with commercial construction and planning process (e.g. permits, zoning, blueprints, inspections, etc.) a plus
  • Ability to support interns and volunteers; ability to prioritize and delegate tasks
  • Training and group facilitation experience
  • Understanding of and commitment to prison industrial complex abolition
  • Spanish and/or Tigrinya language skills a plus
  • Ability to plan and execute events
  • Experience with building maintenance and management

Candidate Recruitment:

  • Formerly imprisoned people are encouraged to apply. We also encourage people of color, women, queer and trans/gender-nonconforming people to apply.
  • We welcome people from all educational backgrounds to apply.

Salary is $51,860 per year, plus good benefits and vacation. Salary is commensurate with other CR staff.


Please email a cover letter and resume to: hiring@criticalresistance.org, or mail a hard copy to:

Critical Resistance Hiring Committee

1904 Franklin St., Suite 504

Oakland, CA, 94612.

In the cover letter, please share any experiences, skills, and talents that you believe equip you to do this job. Though not required, we also welcome you sending us any supporting materials with your application (for example, a work plan, a project timeline, a facilitation plan, or any other relevant materials).

Send any questions regarding the position to hiring@criticalresistance.org or call 510-444-0484.