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“The moment we live in gives us the opportunity to highlight the starkness of the oppressive systems that affect every part of our lives. Never before have the connections between war and imperialism, economic exploitation and devastation, policing, imprisonment, and racism been so plain to see. By sharpening our analysis and strengthening our level of organization, we can uses these crises—as well as the global response to crisis—to push forward and concretize a more liberated way of living, and create even more common sense practices of community self-determination.” – Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Issue 11 of The Abolitionist! It’s been over a year since the last issue of the Abolitionist. While we’ve struggled with some technical difficulties, we are happy to be back and are eager to continue offering news and analysis from different locations in the movement to abolish the prison industrial complex. While the paper has seen a bit of a hiatus, the struggle has most definitely continued. As always, we hope this paper awakens your freedom spirit.

Many thanks to all our contributors and translators!

Love and struggle