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While the PIC continues to expand, as abolitionists we position ourselves to stand against further repression and to build the supports we need to achieve our collective liberation.

Welcome to Issue 13 of The Abolitionist! Spring 2010 unveiled new developments on the side of humanist efforts to build a world that is in harmony with life & the Earth, while state forces continued to funnel energy and resources towards repressive institutions, continuing cycles of violence and harm. This edition of The Abolitionist presents us with stories from both sides of this struggle.

Issue 13 describes state cuts to human services and further discrimination against former prisoners and people with conviction history records who would want to apply to ‘free world’ jobs (Attack on In-Home Support Services), while our allies maintain crucial services for holistic transitional healthcare in places like Southeast San Francisco (Critical Conditions). Hope continues to rest in our ability to come together as communities of people who are targeted by the PIC, to teach ourselves how to take action to end violence in our lives (Community Responds to Domestic Violence) and to insist that we build alliances and advance a united anti-racist agenda to benefit all working class people and people of color (Popular Resistance to State Violence: Part II).

As always, we hope this paper awakens your freedom spirit.

Many thanks to all our contributors and translators!

Love and struggle