Because policing fails to meet people’s needs, and puts people in danger of arrest, imprisonment, and/or even death, we must eliminate connections between policing and healthcare. 

Critical Resistance- Oakland presents 

The KNOW YOUR OPTIONS workshop series

The “Know Your Options” workshop series aims to increase people’s access to the healthcare they need and to decrease people’s contact with law enforcement.  Workshops are facilitated by healthcare workers and community organizers.

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Calendar of Upcoming Workshops:

Tuesday May 23, 6:30-9:30pm:
Chronic Health conditions and overdoses: Know Your Options workshop

June DATE TBD, 11am- 1:30pm:
Accidents and Acute Injuries: Know Your Options Workshop

Tuesday July 18, 6:30- 9pm
Behavioral Health: Know Your Options workshop

Each workshop is designed to increase our understanding of different health topics so when moments of heightened symptoms, events or crises occur, people understand their medical needs and options. Our goal is to reduce immediate contact with policing, to reduce utilization of emergency services that draw undesired police attention, such as 911, and to support someone accessing the care they need with dignity in case there is law enforcement already on the scene (often entangled with 911 response) or stationed at the site of healthcare (hospital, clinic, etc). In all workshops, we’ll practice ways to reduce our contact with policing and minimize its impact. By then end of this workshop, we hope people are more empowered to address community health needs and to resist the violence of policing.

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Short list of past workshops:

Saturday 7/23, 11am-1pm:
Abolition of Policing
Facebook event HERE

Saturday 9/17, 11am-1:30pm:
Chronic Health and Overdose protection
Facebook event HERE (public event posting)

October and December
Behavioral Health
Facebook event HERE

Saturday February 25, 11am- 1:30pm:
Accidents and Acute Injuries: Know Your Options Workshop

EastSide Cultural Center, 2277 International Blvd.,  Oakland, CA  94606
Public Facebook event HERE

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