We want health and wellbeing

 Not jails, prisons, or policing!

Want to join the movement against state repression and the prison industrial complex?
Join up with Critical Resistance!

We are a member-led organization with volunteer members and supporters across the country. Our mission is to fight against the interlocking systems of policing, imprisonment and surveillance that make up the prison industrial complex (PIC).

State repression is a central function of the PIC. Critical Resistance (CR) envisions genuinely healthy, stable communities that respond to harm, violence and conflict without relying on imprisonment and punishment to solve problems.  Our goal is abolition: to shrink the PIC into non-existence and to build up the resources, practices and systems we need for healthy, strong communities.

Formerly imprisoned people, people of color, women, queer and trans/gender-nonconforming people are especially encouraged to get involved.