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In building strong campaigns and projects to abolish the prison industrial complex, Critical Resistance organizers often pressure and mobilize mainstream media to cover the struggle. Often, Critical Resistance is also contacted by the Press to give statements and offer our expertise on different issues surfacing in the News concerning the prison industrial complex and abolition.

Check out how Critical Resistance has been making News in the articles and links below.

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What Is Abolition, And Why Do We Need It?

by Reina Sultan and Micah Herskind

In the midst of nationwide uprisings against ongoing police murders of Black people, a new set of demands has been thrust into public consciousness: Defund and abolish the police, and invest in…

Combating Anti-Black Racism in Brazil and Beyond

by Eshe Lewis

An interview with anthropologist Christen A. Smith refers to Critical Resistance, provides insights into resisting police violence and creating safe societies for people of African descent. Read the Interview here…

How Prison Abolitionist Are Meeting the Moment

by Emily Nonko

Two arguments now entering the mainstream—that incarceration is an urgent public health crisis and that policing takes needed resources from communities—have long been argued by abolitionist organizers. “Abolition is about fighting…