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In building strong campaigns and projects to abolish the prison industrial complex, Critical Resistance organizers often pressure and mobilize mainstream media to cover the struggle. Often, Critical Resistance is also contacted by the Press to give statements and offer our expertise on different issues surfacing in the News concerning the prison industrial complex and abolition.

Check out how Critical Resistance has been making News in the articles and links below.

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Artists Grapple With America’s Prison System

by By Sabine Heinlein

CR member brings PIC abolition to the art world While most of the artists emphasize the positive aspects of bringing attention to mass incarceration, Christine Wang, a young Los Angeles painter…

American prisons: The caging of human rights

by Mehr News

CR is mentioned in this interview on American Prisons: The Caging of Human Rights John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies at Rutgers University, Professor Dr. H. Bruce…

New Jail To Replace Hall Of Justice

by San Francisco News Staff

SAN FRANCISCO—The potential opening of a new jail has been met with protest in San Francisco.Critical Resistance, the group spearheading the opposition of the new jail, has argued that the…

No more cops! No new jail!

by Dorsey Nunn and "Tiny" Lisa Gray-Garcia

From Poverty to Prison: A new report on poverty crimes is released while a new jail for us poor people is proposed Read Full Article Here…

Drug Use ‘Rampant’ in California Prisons

by Don Thompson, Associated Press

VACAVILLE, Calif. — California inmates are dying of drug overdoses at nearly triple the national rate and it’s unclear whether the tough steps state officials took this year to stop…

Ella Baker’s Radical Democratic Vision

by Barbara Ransby

Ella Baker was one of the unsung leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. What can she teach us about movement-building today? “Those who romanticize the concept of leaderless movements often…

Protesters Rally Against New San Francisco Jail

by Christie Smith and Vince Cestone

A new jail is in the works in San Francisco, but some people don’t think it’s really needed. Their argument is it is a waste of money. And they’re sharing…