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In building strong campaigns and projects to abolish the prison industrial complex, Critical Resistance organizers often pressure and mobilize mainstream media to cover the struggle. Often, Critical Resistance is also contacted by the Press to give statements and offer our expertise on different issues surfacing in the News concerning the prison industrial complex and abolition.

Check out how Critical Resistance has been making News in the articles and links below.

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Opinion: Against Policing

by Judith Levine

CR Members Share Powerful Thoughts Against Policing What would a transformative response be to the trooper who sent 50,000 volts into Macadam Mason’s undefended chest? How does a prison abolitionist…

Urban Shield reignites militarization debate in Oakland

by Anna Lekas Miller

Activists denounce police weapons expo, recalling Oscar Grant and Michael Brown Local community organizations protested the event last year, citing the Oakland Police Department’s history of violence in the community.“Oakland…

Stop the McFarland GEO women’s prison!: Open Letter from Prisoners & Action Announcement

by Natalie DeMola, CCWF Jane Dorotik, CIW Fonda Gayden, CCWF Anne Marie Harrison, CCWF Valerie Juarez, CCWF Terah Lawyer, CCWF ChiChi Locci, CCWF Maydee Morris, CCWF Amy Preasmeyer, CCWF Patrice Wallace, CCWF and Debbie Reyes with Misty Rojo

This contains two articles in one: An Open Letter from people imprisoned in CA women’s prisons and CA Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP) and an action announcement for Statewide rally…

Viewpoints: Why is California trying to build more jails?

by Emily Harris and Isaac Lev Szmonko

When we first saw this year’s proposed corrections budget included $500 million for new jail expansion, we had to double-check the document to see what year it was.In December, at the…

Fruitvale Community Garden allowed to remain in Oakland

by Mark Dufrene

Community members work in the Fruitvale community garden on Foothill Boulevard near Mitchell Street in Oakland, Calif., on Thursday, April 17, 2014. The garden on public land is one of…

Critical Resistance Addresses Prison Issues

by Democracy Now Featuring Angela Davis

Democracy Now’s coverage of the first Critical Resistance Conference in 1998, interviewing Angela Y. Davis. This weekend a conference is taking place at the University of California, Berkeley called Critical…