A Critical Resistance Donor Call, May 2015

In a time when communities of color are increasingly occupied by police, when Black people are imprisoned at 6 times the rate of white people, it is necessary to address not just the hard-hitting health impacts of the PIC, but the ways that it obstructs healthcare access

Loyd Health Rights are Civil Rights

Using Jenna Loyd’s new book Health Rights are Civil Rights: Peace and Justice Activism in Los Angeles, 1963-1978 as a jumping off point, we will dive into a discussion that approaches prisons and policing as health issues. Jenna Loyd is a CR member based in Milwaukee and facilitated the call.

Misty Rojo is the Communications and Campaign Director for Justice Now, an organization that works with women and transgender people in prison and local communities to build a safe, compassionate world without prisons.  Misty will bring strong knowledge on reproductive health, justice and the struggles against coerced sterilizations in prisons.

Woods DeWitt is a member of Critical Resistance Oakland and will be repping our newly launched Oakland Power Projects (OPP). OPP supports Oakland residents in divesting from policing by investing in practices, relationships, and resources that build community power and wellbeing.  By identifying current harms, amplifying existing resources, and developing new practices that do not rely on policing solutions, OPP reminds us that we can make our families and neighborhoods safe and healthy without relying on the cops.

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