Check out some of CR’s 2016 work and collaborative projects offered here as examples and resources to further our fight together to abolish the prison industrial complex.

Reports and InterviewsLancastercropped

Testimony from People Imprisoned at California State Prison – Lancaster “No New Jail in Lancaster”

Oakland Power Projects: Interview with Ruben Leal, Community Medic.



Eight Steps for a Jail Free San Francisco

Health Workers Join the Growing Call to Stop Urban Shield

Oakland Power Projects: What Happens When You Call 911

Urban Shield Infographic  CR_911chart_side1

Portland Crisis First Responders Draft Infographic

Profiles in Abolition/Degrees of Visibility Brochure

The Abolitionist abby web





Care Not Cages: LA Jail Fight Zine

Repression, Resistance, and Social Transformation: Attica Interview Project Zine




5 Reasons Why LA Doesn’t Need A New Women’s Jail!


Angela Davis Opposes Proposed LA County Women’s Jail from Critical Resistance on Vimeo.



“What Do You Want Instead of Jails?” Outreach video for annual CRLA Mother’s Day Event




Stop Urban Shield Webinar


Strong Communities Beyond Policing, Profiles in Abolition event series. Featuring Rachel Herzing and Dylan Rodriguez in conversation, moderated by Lara Kiswani


Prison Industrial Complex

Fusion: A World Without Prisons, videos below.

Mohamed Shehk, on the history of the prison industrial complex abolition movement, its international scope, and where it could go next.


Kamau Walton, on abolitionist models, practices, demands and needs that could replace the punitive criminal justice system.

Coalition Reports

WE ARE NOT DISPOSABLE: The Toxic Impacts of Prison and Jails (Los Angeles)

Urban Shield: Abandoning Hope Not Building Hope (Oakland)

Build Justice Not Jails: Community Health Initiatives (San Francisco)