In 2020, The Zachary Project supported our people secure safe housing after prison release, prevent evictions, purchase food and basic needs during Covid-induced crises, access mental health care resources, and more.

In 2020, the Zachary Project helped Critical Resistance Oakland face the needs of our community with creative, generous readiness. This mutual aid fund helped people avert crisis – de-escalating near disasters in disastrous times. THANK YOU for building this resource with us. The Zachary Project is our six-year-old mutual aid fund, established in honor of a beloved former CR Oakland member who we lost in 2015.

This project update shares an overarching view of 2020 and projections for 2021. 2020 was The Zachary Project’s most impactful year yet—a sign of hardship, but also a marker of growth in capacity, resilience and strength.

2020 Project Highlights

  • Thirteen people received support ranging from $300-500.
  • We distributed $6,300.
  • We fundraised/ YOU gifted $12,241.
    • 75 Donors, total: Contributions came from loved ones, friends, people who have accessed the fund in previous years, as well as a return gift from a 2020 recipient.
  • We developed financial management protocols around balancing payouts and fundraising.
  • We developed some visual outreach material, seen in this email.
  • Using the framing of “Mutual Aid Monday,” we ran our first public month-long social media fundraiser.
  • Our comrades at AK Press ran a rad t-shirt benefit sale, featuring a t-shirt we think Zachary would have gotten down with (pictured, right).
Read more from 2020 recipients of Zachary Project funds here

Starting Off 2021 Strong

  • We have $11,265 in the Fund at the start of the year.
  • We have 9 monthly sustainers, contributing a total of $290 a month.
  • We’ve already received a few requests just these past two months and are continuing to move resources.

The Year Ahead


Your incredible gifts in 2020 replenished the big wave of spring requests. With the fund stable and larger than ever, we now have a new task ahead—broader outreach and communications with our membership and CR Oakland movement community about the fund.

With gratitude, we invite you to read the testimony from Zachary Project recipients, here.

Humbly, we invite you to make a donation at whatever scale you are able: a one-time financial gift or a monthly commitment (be sure to select “The Zachary Project” under Designation). Every gift helps grow this resource and our mutual aid practices.

For those of us who personally knew and loved Zachary, we send you love, and hope you cherish the memories; they are some of our greatest gifts. We know we are thankful for them.

In solidarity,

The Zachary Project committee, Critical Resistance