The New York City chapter of Critical Resistance (CRNYC) has been working hard to make abolitionist gains against the prison industrial complex at the local and state level.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has put 1,000 more cops in NYC subway stations, and in 2023 alone the NYPD recorded more stops than it had in nearly a decade. In a coordinated effort with Mayor Adams, last month NY Governor Kathy Hochul placed 1,000 NY State Police, MTAPD (Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department), and even called in the National Guard to address fear of “ violent crime” on the NYC subways. While Adams has doubled down on his support for the NYPD, he has cut the budgets of libraries, schools, environmental organizations, and many more important and essential services. At CR, we know that “crime” is socially constructed. Crime rate data is often wrong and misleading—sensationalized rhetoric of a “rampant crime wave” sweeping New York is ungrounded, inaccurate, and a fear-mongering tactic that often scapegoats poor people and communities of color. Having our needs met is what actually makes our communities safe and that we need more resourcing and funding towards exactly that.

Through our work, we’ll continue to build the world we want by investing in schools, housing, and support for all NY communities and dismantle the oppressive systems that exist.

Since October, we’ve seen NYC continuously deploy aggressive policing and surveillance to repress Palestine solidarity organizing, as well. In February, legislation was introduced to criminalize demonstrations, and the NYPD continues to use drones, social media tracking, and other surveillance technologies to target organizers and disrupt the movement for Palestinian liberation. In the face of this repression, CRNYC has steadily thrown down for Palestine over the past 6 months—our members have supported direct action organizing, tabled at Pro-Palestine solidarity events, and amplified calls for a permanent ceasefire and a free, self-determined Palestine. As PIC abolitionists, we are in deep solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian liberation.  We won’t stop fighting for liberation and we know our communities across the state and our movements will not either.


Get Involved with the

NY Dignity Detention (DND) Campaign!


Tuesday, April 16:
Join us in Albany for a rally & legislative mobilization for Dignity Not Detention!

As anti-migrant sentiments reemerge at the city, state, and federal level to scapegoat immigrants for “increasing crime,”  our work with the Dignity not Detention campaign becomes more and more important.

Join CR NYC and the Abolish ICE New York / New Jersey Coalition next Tuesday, April 16th for a rally and legislative mobilization as we head to Albany to compel legislators to get New York out of the business of immigrant detention! Together, we will call on key legislators to sponsor the New York Dignity Not Detention Act, which would end the state’s detention contracts with ICE.

No experience with meeting with legislative decision makers is required in order to attend the legislative mobilization. The coalition will be holding a virtual lobby day training TOMORROW, Friday, April 12th from 6:30-7:30pm. Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Free, roundtrip transportation to Albany from NYC will be provided.

RSVP to attend here! 



Every Friday this Spring:
Support Weekly Phone & Email Zaps for Dignity Not Detention!

If you can’t attend Lobby Day, there are still ways to support the Dignity Not Detention campaign! Every Friday this Spring, DND is hosting weekly phone zaps which have proven to be effective at getting legislators to know about our fight and efforts to get New York out of the business of immigrant detention.

Join the next one this Friday that we’re hosting!

We’re also working to mobilize folks to in-person actions at Goshen at the site of Orange County Jail where we are hoping to end its contract with ICE, bring resources and support back to the community in the town, and get the people locked inside out. We’re looking for folks to help us throw down in Goshen and across the state. If you can, please let us know!

Connect with Our Chapter

& Support Imprisoned Comrades 

And as always, CRNYC has been keeping up our contacts and commitment to folks inside with our prisoner solidarity mail program. Every month, we come together to answer mail and support folks inside with resources and break the isolation that prison walls create. So far this year, we’ve answered 81 letters which is more than we have in a long time. Please come by and help us – every letter is super important. We will have our next one in May.