Big, big thank you to those who joined us in New York on Saturday October 15, whether in person or in spirit, to celebrate the re-launch of Critical Resistance New York City Chapter (CRNYC) and the most recent issue of CR’s publication, Issue 37, of The Abolitionist. The sun was really shining on prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition and the generative bounties of camaraderie and connection. Event photo of table with a spread of Critical Resistance merchandise, including Issue 37 of The Abolitionist newspaper, flyers, a sign-in sheet, and sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale with CR's logos in them. In the background beyond the table, a multi-racial, multi-gender group of people stand in a circle listening to a speaker

Over 50 people cycled through our welcoming, tree-enclosed patch of Sheep Meadow in Central Park, and 36 people signed up for our volunteer list-serve, along with several who expressed interest in joining monthly prisoner mail nights. We shared updates about our ongoing campaign work –  both the fight to pass the Dignity Not Detention Act for the state of New York, and to reject a proposal to convert the presently defunct Lincoln Correctional Facility into a jail for women, gender non-conforming, and gender-expansive people. Attendees also heard from organizers with Brooklyn Eviction Defense on their group interview published in Issue 37 of The Abolitionist on housing justice and PIC abolition, entitled: “We [Have To] Keep Us Safe: An Interview with Brooklyn Eviction Defense,” which underscores the organizing they’ve been doing to resist evictions as part of intersecting struggles for housing justice, community care, and abolition. (The issue will be available for free download in a few weeks, but in the meantime read the Sneak Peek here or subscribe today to support radical political education and free subscriptions for prisoners.)


During the event, participants also made posters and banners for CRNYC’s Dignity Not Detention campaign with Abolish ICE NY NJ coalition. As Toni Cade Bambara stated the role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible, we definitely have some artists in our midst. People really took to the art making and created some beautiful signs that we can use going forward.  THANK YOU!

Photo of two people with black hair on a colorful blanket making campaign posters that say: "Care not Cops" and "Abolish All Prisons"Two people with black hair holding a poster they made that says: "Neighbors Don't Let Neighbors call the cops." There's an image of a New York City apartment building next to the message.

A circle of event participants standing together listening to speakers and discussing. The group is multi-gender and multi-racial. Some people are sitting down on blankets in Central Park.









While the event was lovely, the work does not stop there! If you are interested in…


1. Getting involved with the NYC chapter of CR: Please email us at!

2. Supporting our NY Dignity Not Detention coalition: We are currently raising funds for immigrants detained in Orange County Jail as well as those who were transferred to places as far away as Natchez, Mississippi over the past few months. The funds will go toward commissary requests and supporting loved ones outside. We need your help to circulate the fundraiser to ensure that those most impacted by the cruelty of ICE have what they need in order to continue the fight for their freedom. Please check out the toolkit HERE in order to put together outreach for the fundraiser. And HERE are some English & Spanish graphics with accompanying image descriptions that you can use to share the fundraiser!

We’re at $1550 of our $5000 goal and need your help to reach it in the next month. A white and gray fuzzy-haired small dog looking at the camera and Issue 37 of The Abolitionist newspaper under its paw on the ground.

3. Learning more about the proposal to site a new jail in Harlem: Read and sign onto this open letter written by organizers in the No New Women’s Jail NYC coalition. 

4. Subscribing to The Abolitionist: You can find more information about how to do so The Abby on CR’s website, and if you know of any organizations that you think would be interested in purchasing an institutional subscription, please share with them!

5. Donating to CR NYC: This past year, the NYC chapter was *entirely* funded by grassroots donations, and events like the one on 10/15 are not possible without the financial support of folks like you! Click here to learn more and donate.