The LA Sheriff is attempting to move forward with a plan to build a new women’s jail in Lancaster.

The LA No More Jails Coalition believes that locking people up in cages does not make anyone safer, and only serves to tear communities apart. We are working to stop this jail, and are demanding investment in resources that actually create strong communities

As part of building a jail, the county must do an Environmental Impact Report, which assesses the negative impacts that the construction of the jail will have on the environment and the people. Jails are terrible environmentally, worsening things like traffic pollution and the degradation of natural resources. Prisoners in this area are also highly susceptible to serious diseases like Valley Fever. The county must do what is best for our environment and our communities and put an end to this jail plan. Public comment closes March 2nd. We must receive as many comments as possible before January 12th to oppose the jail proposal.



  • The site where the jail will be is a “hazardous materials site.” Building it will put those inside the jail in significant danger.
  • Stormwater drainage and the water supply are not up to current standards.
  • People in the jail will be highly susceptible to Valley Fever. Since 2005, thousands of California prisoners contracted the disease, and over 50 have died as a result. Yet, Valley Fever is basically ignored in this report.
  • A new jail in Lancaster will mean more travel, creating more traffic and air pollution.
  • Family visits are crucial for prisoners to maintain strong connections and reduce recidivism. The longer distance makes it harder for family members to visit their loved ones who are locked up.
  • Two underground storage tanks at the site have failed leak detection tests, meaning there could be contamination of soil and groundwater.
  • For people at the jail, there is a high risk of exposure to contaminated soil and ground since 44% of the project site will be “outdoor pervious area.”
  • The Environmental Impact Report must assess alternatives to building the jail. However, the report does not look at alternatives to imprisonment that would make this jail completely unnecessary.

We ask that you write your comments in the form on this page. You can include a personal introduction describing yourself and why you oppose the jail in the space provided. If you would like you can use the provided template and personalize it for yourself. Every comment counts. Let’s stop this jail.

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