Dear Critical Resistance supporters,

Last month, we put out the call to support Critical Resistance (CR) with a summer gift, and our movement returned the ask! Together we raised $23,000 for CR and our campaigns, projects and movement-building efforts to abolish the prison industrial complex. Thank you so much for making our midyear fundraising campaign an incredible success.

Whether you donated this year or are part of our annual (or monthly!) grassroots donors network, your support is vital. Every penny keeps our campaigns, national infrastructure and chapters growing and strong.

We have a new address:

Please note that we have new addresses. We are still working on the renovation of 4400 Telegraph Ave, in Oakland. We’ve decided to rent a large P.O. Box very close to 4400 Telegraph that will become our permanent mailing address. Please direct all of your email to the P.O. Box, as we are no longer at 1904 Franklin St.

  • Mailing Address  — Critical Resistance, P.O. Box 22780 Oakland, CA 94609-2301
  • Physical Address — 2929 Summit Street, #207, Oakland, CA 94609

Once again, thank you for your support. Please keep using the tools, engaging in our campaigns, circulating the projects, and taking action for abolition! We will continue to send you updates on our organizing, but should you want to be more involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


In solidarity,

Jess Heaney & Shirley Leslie,

CR Development staff


P.S. Please share this with friends and community. We appreciate you growing our movement and keeping people curious and excited about CR!




In case you missed them, here are some new releases from CR this summer:

Reflecting on the Roots of Black August: 

This Black August, Critical Resistance reflects on the 50th year anniversary of both the assassination of George Jackson and the following Attica Rebellion. Read and see more here. [IMAGE FILE HERE]


Campaign and Project Updates:


  • We released On the Road to Freedom–a toolkit we’ve created in partnership with Community Justice Exchange. This toolkit provides an abolitionist orientation for approaches to pretrial reform. The primary purpose of this tool is to provide organizers who seek to challenge pretrial detention with examples, challenges, and best practices for moving forward an abolitionist campaign –ideally resulting in more wins! See more HERE.