November 18, 2016

With the presidential race going to Trump last week, Critical Resistance has joined many in reflection and analysis of the current political moment. As a blatantly racist, sexist, Islamophobe, Trump’s presidency will undoubtedly be dangerous. However, it is not surprising that the growing resentment of neoliberal social and economic policies combined with the systemic racism and oppression of the U.S. elevated Trump to victory. Though as much as he and his supporters touted his anti-establishment position, Trump is merely an alternate embodiment of the establishment and this country’s status quo, as evidenced by the racist right wing pro-policing politicians with which he aims to fill his white house.

The rise of vigilante violence against historically oppressed communities – including indigenous people, people of color, Muslims, immigrants, trans people, queer communities, and women is surely cause for alarm. We stand in deep solidarity and struggle with all those committed to building and strengthening networks of mutual support and defense. Vigilante violence is itself a form of policing, furthering the state’s aim of violently enforcing social control. Without the badge and uniform, this violence does the work of the cops. Yet in the face of emboldened repression, we are ready to embolden our resistance.

As always, but perhaps now more than ever, we must organize for self-determination, work to abolish the prison industrial complex, and amplify, support, and develop alternatives to policing and imprisonment. Whether our targets are liberal leadership or neoconservative fascists, we’ve been dedicated to shrinking the violent arms of the state, and fighting to revive, protect, and build the life-affirming resources we need.

In this time we must be even more resolute in strengthening our alliances and more imaginative in our resistance. Our goal at CR is to continue lifting up visions of freedom and liberation as, piece by piece, we tear down walls, cages, and the cops. Alongside all those fighting, we will continue to resist attacks on our people and build the road to abolition.

The struggle continues. Keep fighting in whatever ways you are able, and check out ways to  support our work:

  • Support, build, join strategic organizing against state violence. Check out local CR chapters to plug into campaigns and projects that are demanding health and well being, not violence and fear.
  • Not near a CR chapter? We hope our campaigns can be templates to challenge jails, police, and prison spending. Email us to learn more.
  • Make a financial contribution to help CR strategically movement build against white supremacy and the prison industrial complex.
  • Build with people behind prison walls. Support prisoner organizing and political education.

In Solidarity,
Critical Resistance