Your support is crucial in fights to fund our communities, not cops!


With the call to Defund Police ringing in the air following 2020’s uprisings, we are advancing this renewed common sense in local campaigns that demand prioritization of people, not policing.


In Oakland, CA, where over 50% of the city’s general fund goes to the Oakland Police Department (OPD), our CR Oakland chapter is a core organization in the Defund OPD campaign, alongside Anti-Police Terror Project (APTP), Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ), PolicyLink, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Bay Resistance, Urban Peace Movement and Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC). This year, we have contributed to coalition planning, campaign strategy, media and outreach efforts to bolster the fight to shift power and resources away from policing and toward community self-determination. We have hosted 2 lively socially-distanced community engagement events and made numerous presentations to bring people power into the campaign. Our efforts helped ensure the passage of anti-policing recommendations through a special city task force and the city council. And the coalition recently achieved a huge campaign win: Oakland City Council voted to reallocate $18 million dollars from OPD to community programs.


“We’ve been invigorated by the organizing and events with our DefundOPD coalition partners. We’ve continued to build people power to push City Council to approve the recommendations this year, and the coalition succeeded in achieving an $18 million dollar reallocation of resources from OPD to community programs!”

–Dakota B., Critical Resistance Oakland


Your support will further solidify this essential organizing to prioritize people over policing!


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