Critical Resistance staff are a part of the organization’s core infrastructure. Historically light, our staff infrastructure provides much needed consistency for the organization, logistical and technical support to our members as well as leadership development and works to sustain organizational history and continuity.


Periodically, we have openings for staff positions. For each position, formerly imprisoned people are highly encouraged to apply. We also encourage people of color, women, queer and trans/gender-nonconforming people to apply. We welcome people from all educational backgrounds to apply for any of our staff positions.



Liz Atkins-Pattenson

Manager - Infrastructure & Development Team

510-444-0484 | Ext. 4

National Operations Manager

Molly Porzig

Manager - Programs Team

510-444-0484 | Ext.

National Communications Manager & Project Manager of The Abolitionist Newspaper

Nick DeRenzi

Assistant - Infrastructure & Development Team

510-444-0484 | Ext.

National Development Assistant