To help support Critical Resistance’s ongoing projects and campaigns, consider making a recurring monthly gift. This support sustains us throughout the year and is a wonderful way to spread out your giving over time. You can become a monthly sustainer online or through your workplace giving program.  

“I support Critical Resistance because I am an abolitionist.  I know that I feel safe when I know my neighbors and when we all have enough to eat and a loving place to live where we cultivate community.”

– Melanie; San Leandro, CA

“I give because I believe abolition must happen and will happen and a sustained movement will get us there.”

– Cory; Portland, OR
Melanie Cervantes of Dignidad Rebelde is a monthly sustainer of CR. Join her!

“I support CR because I know that we can be sustained without prisons and safe without policing. I affirm the vision of organizers who see beyond bars and borders. “

– Holly; New York, NY

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