CR’s Abolitionist Educators Workgroups are made up of Critical Resistance members working in different educational contexts and seeking to advance prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition in and through educational institutions. These workgroups collaborate with K-12, higher-ed and community educators and organizers to develop tools, frameworks, and other forms of political education resources.

Tools & Resources

Lessons in Liberation: An Abolitionist Toolkit for Educators

Published by AK Press with Education for Liberation Network. Cover art by Melanie Cervantes, Dignidad Rebelde

Teaching & Learning Abolition
Lessons in Liberation #6: Abolitionist Community Organizing

Watch more of the “Lessons in Liberation” launch event series here

Repurposing Our Pedagogies: Abolitionist Teaching in a Global Pandemic
Community, Not Cops!: Abolitionist Organizing Against Police in Schools & Beyond
Young People Are Healers Too: How Can Youth Lead Abolitionist Change to Heal Our Communities?

Get Involved!

1.  Use CR materials in your research, curricula and programming

2. Subscribe to The Abolitionist newspaper for your class, department or library. 

3. Invite CR members to speak in your class or to host a workshop on campus.

Presentations and workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Alternatives to Policing or The Abolition of Policing
  • Intro to the Prison Industrial Complex and Intro to Abolition
  • Healthcare and the Prison Industrial Complex: Abolitionist Strategies for Resistance
  • Stop the injunctions!: What is a gang injunction and how Oakland fought back
  • Our Communities, Our Solutions: Community Accountability Models and Strategies
  • Know Your Rights & How to Interact with Cops and more!

4. Donate resources: cash, contacts, in-kind all accepted.