Each quarter CR hosts a donor call during which we discuss some current issues related to the prison industrial complex (PIC) and strategies for resistance.  The resources our donors contribute to Critical Resistance are essential to our fight against the prison industrial complex, so it is important for us to create spaces where we share back the strong work that their generosity makes possible.

Below, we offer summaries and recordings of a few previous donor calls and webinars as organizing resources for building an international movement for PIC abolition. 

CR Donor Calls & Webinars

CR Conference History

December, 2018 – Donor Webinar

Stop Urban Shield Campaign Victory

April 2018 – Donor Webinar

Art & Abolition

May 2016 – Donor Call

Militarization of Police

September, 2015 – Donor Call

Prisoner Hunger Strikes

June, 2013 – Donor Call

Militarization & the PIC

February 2013 – Donor Call