In New York, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been expanding detention over the past fifteen years. In 2007, there were 19 facilities capable of detaining immigrants across the state, and by 2018, there were 76 facilities maintaining contracts with ICE. To date, there are now approximately 83 facilities capable of caging immigrants for ICE in New York State, and ICE is actively seeking to expand immigration detention around New York.

CR’s New York chapter (CRNYC) has steadily been working with Abolish ICE New York New Jersey coalition to pass Dignity Not Detention legislation for the state of New York, which would effectively put New York out of the business of immigrant detention, reunite families and communities, and enable immigrant New Yorkers to more capably fight deportation from their homes not cages.

As part of the Dignity Not Detention campaign to cancel city and state contracts with ICE, CRNYC has also been advocating for the release of immigrant New Yorkers, like Ms Q, a beloved partner, daughter, sister, and longtime New York State resident who fled violence in Ecuador as a child. After being injured and denied medical care in ICE detention, Ms. Q spoke out about the conditions of imprisonment. After being released a year ago due to community support, and  continuing to bravely speak out about the horrific conditions of ICE detention, Ms Q was re-detained by ICE at the end of 2022.

After weeks of community pressure and organizing, a federal judge granted Ms Q a stay of removal, stopping her threatened deportation by ICE on January 27.

Still Ms Q remains caged in Orange County Jail, even though her legal team has requested her release from ICE.

Join the Abolish ICE NY-NJ Coalition and CRNYC on Monday, March 6 at 3:30pm EST, for an emergency phone and email zap action, making as many calls as possible to demand that ICE release Ms. Q immediately! .