Near the end of October, 2021, beloved comrade and freedom fighter Bo Brown, passed away.

Art by Josh MacPhee, JustSeeds Artists’ Cooperative
Bo’s contributions to the freedom struggle cannot be summarized easily. A former political prisoner, imprisoned in federal prison for seven years for her involvement in the George Jackson Brigade in the 1970s, Bo was deeply committed to anti-prison organizing and abolition. Bo was an organizer with the Critical Resistance Conference Organizing Committee from 1997-1998, and remained a close friend and movement partner of Critical Resistance since. To share a piece of her legacy, we’d like to uplift a few resources for us to continue to learn from and remember Bo’s life, work, sacrifice, and impact.
Below you will find the announcement of her passing that was posted on Facebook and later circulated by Freedom Archives and other allies. We also encourage watching this short documentary about Bo, The Gentleman Bank Robber: The Story of Butch Lesbian Freedom Fighter rita bo brown, as well as this video Critical Resistance made for Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity in 2013 in which we interviewed Bo on the history of prisoner resistance against imprisonment and solitary confinement. Lastly we offer an interview– “Reflections on Critical Resistance,” from Volume 27 of the Social Justice Journal, — where Bo shares her reflections on organizing the first CR conference from 1997-1998.

Bo Brown, presente!

Announcement from Facebook, circulated by Freedom Archives:

Our beloved Bo died unexpectedly at home with Etang on Sunday morning, October 24, 2021 of complications from dementia. Bo’s passing on Sunday was sudden and quick after years of progressive impairment and brutal deterioration to her full self.

As a lifelong movement maker and revolutionary, Bo belongs to many people. She is mourned by her partner Etang of 21 years and by a a broad, inter-generational community of family and friends and comrades. She is dearly and deeply missed and loved.
Please post photos of Bo and share your stories here on her wall. What did Bo teach you? A virtual memorial for family and friends will be held on Sunday, December 5th and an in-person celebration of her life service in the new year. As Bo’s passing was unexpected, details will be forthcoming.

Communicating this news on Facebook is so inadequate and harsh. We are sorry to share this news in this way.
There’s been an ongoing fundraiser over the years that’s supported Bo’s care expenses. All donations after October 24th will cover cremation and memorial costs and to support Etang through this time.

fly free dear bo bear