The Zachary Project

Zachary at Dreaming WildlyA community fund of Critical Resistance, Oakland to support community members in need.

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In January 2015 Critical Resistance lost a beloved member of its Oakland Chapter, Zachary Ontiveros. Zachary was a vital part of Critical Resistance’s work, helping bring new members into the organization and anchoring editorial oversight of The Abolitionist newspaper. Zachary’s commitment to fighting for justice has been an inspiration to us and will be missed even as we remember him every day.

Zachary’s aunt, Patricia Porter Salazar, and his cousins, Lindsey Adams, Brooke Salazar, and Aaron Salazar, joined forces to establish The Zachary Project to help members of our community in need of support. In the words of Zachary’s Aunt Pat,

After my daughter, Lindsey, read her cousin’s obituary she commented, “Wouldn’t it be fitting to designate directed donations to something like The Zachary Project?” We discussed the idea and concluded that the Oakland chapter of Critical Resistance would be the best vehicle to carry on Zachary’s zeal for helping others in need.

We presented the idea to family members and Critical Resistance. Before long, the conception of “The Zachary Project” took form.

It is with great love and dedication to Zachary that we have established this fund with Critical Resistance Oakland to help them launch The Zachary Project. In his memory, an annual donation of $500 designated to this project will be made each year on Zachary’s birthday, January 26th.   Through The Zachary Project, helping those that are dedicated to helping others, he will be remembered.

Dreaming Wildly 1We hope you will join us in honoring Zachary’s memory and legacy by considering contributing to The Zachary Project and supporting Critical Resistance’s ability to offer assistance to our community members in times of crisis.

Make a gift to The Zachary Project:

You can donate to The Zachary Project HERE.  Under Program Designation, make sure to select “The Zachary Project.”

You may also send a check (payable to Critical Resistance) to
The Zachary Project, c/o Critical Resistance
1904 Franklin St, Ste 504
Oakland, CA 94612

Request funds from The Zachary Project:

Are you a Critical Resistance member or a friend of CR Oakland chapter? Email with “Zachary Project- Packet Request” in the subject or call (510) 444-0484.