Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex; edited by the CR10 Publishing Collective, 2008.

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CR's Abolitionist Toollkit

CR’s Abolitionist Toolkit

What is Abolition?

What is Abolition?

What is Critical Resistance?

What is Critical Resistance?

What is the PIC? What is Abolition?

Reformist Reforms or Abolitionist Reforms?
How to Chip Away at the PIC

Reformist reforms vs abolitionist steps to end IMPRISONMENT – NEW CHART! 

This poster is a tool to assess and understand differences between reforms that strengthen imprisonment and abolitionist steps that reduce its overall impact and grow other possibilities for wellbeing.
As we work to dismantle incarceration in all its forms, we must resist common reforms that create or expand cages anywhere, including under the guise of “addressing needs” or as “updated” replacements.
Jails and prisons deprive communities of resources like medical and mental health care, transportation, food, and housing. In our fights, it is critical to uplift and strategically contribute to movements led by imprisoned people, both to address pressing conditions and for abolition. In all decarceration strategies, we must utilize tactics that will improve life for those most aected and make space to build the worlds we need.

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Reformist Reforms vs Abolitionist Reforms of POLICING – Chart

These charts break down the difference between reformist reforms which continue or expand the reach of policing, and abolitionist steps that work to chip away and reduce its overall impact.
As we struggle to decrease the power of policing there are also positive and pro-active investments we can make in community health and well-being.

View and download the full chart here

Advice to New Abolitionists

Critical Resistance co-founder, long-time member and former staffer, Rachel Herzing, made this video with help from Isaac Ontiveros interview several long-time 21st-century abolitionists on what it means to fight to abolish the prison industrial complex. 

Interviewees include: Melissa Burch, Shana Agid, Mariame Kaba, Craig Gilmore, Dylan Rodriguez, Ejeris Dixon, Justin Piché, Erica Meiners, Mizue Aizeki, Mohamed Shehk, Jayden Donahue, Rachel Herzing and Isaac Ontiveros.