Subscribing to The Abolitionist is a great way to support Critical Resistance, fortify solidarity with prisoners, seed cross-wall liberation strategy, and spread abolition!

In addition to receiving your own copy of our limited edition issues, your paid subscription helps us to send the paper to over thousands of prisoners two times per year.


CR has several subscription tiers for both individuals outside of cages as well as packages for movement partner organizations or educational institutions to receive The Abolitionist Newspaper:

  • The individual subscription tiers deliver one copy of each issue to the paid subscriber and sponsor different amount of free subscriptions for prisoners depending on the amount chosen.

  • Package subscription tiers deliver a bundle of newspapers (10-100 copies per package) to movement partner organizations and educational institutions depending on the amount chosen in addition to sponsoring numerous free subscriptions.

All subscriptions are annual and cover two issues marked at the start of your subscription date. All paid subscribers are signed up for a subscription management portal with Subscription Flow, where each subscriber can manage their own subscriptions moving forward. Our new subscription management portal is preset to automatically renew all subscriptions annually unless subscribers change their portal settings. CR will send a reminder to paid subscribers when it is time to renew subscriptions via the subscription portal along with a confirmation of payment received each time a subscription is renewed or processed.

Check out the subscription tiers below and select the button for your desired subscription to be taken to our Checkout pages:

Subscription Options: For Individuals

Single Subscription$10 / year

  • Support three readers–one outside and two inside
  • Select print or digital subscription during checkout

“Marilyn Buck, Presente” Subscription$15 / year

“Free Them All” Subscription$45 / year

  • Supports 16 readers: one outside & 15 inside
  • Select print or digital subscription during checkout

Package Options: For Movement Partner Organizations

Would you like to subscribe your organization to receive a bundle of 10-100 copies and help distribute the paper?
Sign up for Package Subscription and help us build an international movement for prison industrial complex abolition!

“Long live Masai Ehehosi” Package– $75

Half Bundle Package– $150

  • 25 print copies of each issue, 2 times per year
  • Sponsor 29 free subscriptions for imprisoned people

Full Bundle Package– $250

  • 50 print copies of each issue, 2 times per year
  • Sponsor 39 free subscriptions for imprisoned people

“Building People Power” Package– $400

  • 75 print copies of each issue, 2 times per year
  • Sponsor 69 free subscriptions for imprisoned people

“Movement Building” Package– $525

  • 100 print copies of each issue, 2 times per year
  • Sponsor 88 free subscriptions for imprisoned people


For Imprisoned People & Formerly Imprisoned People Only

Do you have a loved one locked up in jail, prison or detention who would they like a subscription to The Abolitionist? Sign them up for a free subscription now! 

Lifetime Subscriptionfree for formerly imprisoned subscribers only!

Are you recently released from jail, prison or detention center and were you already a subscriber when you were locked up? Sign up for a free lifetime subscription!

  • As long as you keep your mailing address updated, we’ll keep sending you a free lifetime subscription of our newspaper. All lifetime subscribers must be verified as previously imprisoned subscribers before release.