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“To create local, self-determined solutions we must understand and dismantle the overarching systems of white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism, which have poor communities under siege” – Letter from the Editors

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Abolishing interpersonal, institutional, economic, and state violence together is integral to reclaiming our humanity and creating communities that flourish (See Critical Resistance –Incite! Statement). Our task as abolitionists is to destroy the culture of imprisonment that has become so common sense in our society by creating and sustaining everyday individual and community practices that build our capacity for self-determination. There is no exact blueprint for this; it has a lot to do with continuously experimenting, assessing successes and failures, taking risks, and moving forward. There are many historical and contemporary examples to draw lessons and inspiration from in this endeavor (See Heroes Grow on Trees and Resource List).

We should study them with an eye on developing tactics and strategy that account for local economic conditions and political formations. As always, we hope this paper awakens your freedom spirit.

Many thanks to all our contributors and translators!

Love and struggle