The prison industrial complex is wide and deep and complicated. In order to fight for its abolition, Critical Resistance uses the framework of DISMANTLE, CHANGE, BUILD to direct our efforts. We fight to break down cages from the inside and out, to strip power from the violence of policing, and to starve the system of the resources it uses to maintain itself. We strive to shift common sense from a logic of punishment and control to one of self-determination and liberation. We put our hearts and minds and bodies to work establishing the kinds of relationships, environments, and practices that make our far reaching dreams more real. Together, these principles help Critical Resistance keep its feet on the ground and stepping forward even as we keep our eyes fixed on a horizon free from the prison industrial complex.

In 2013 CR was supported by:

  • Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
  • Cali Familiy Foundation
  • craigslist Charitable Foundation
  • Dolphin Foundation
  • Hull Family Foundation / Oaklandish Innovators Award
  • RESIST, Inc.
  • Thendara Foundation
  • Women’s Foundation of California

And hundreds of individual donors.

Last year, CR tipped the scales toward being supported primarily by grassroots fundraising for the first time—over 75% of CR’s income last year was raised through grassroots fundraising. Thanks to all our donors and funders for contributing to CR’s ongoing success. Many of you donated time, knowledge, skills, and experience, in addition to your financial resources. Our fight against the PIC would not be possible without you. And with your help, we hope 2014 will bring us closer and closer to world without walls.