Dear Friends,

Critical Resistance engages in work across the US through campaigns to dismantle the prison industrial complex and projects to build up the community based mechanisms we need to create true safety and security, not policing and imprisonment. Much of this work happens through our four chapters and in coalitions. Here’s a snapshot of some of our ongoing campaigns and efforts.

We just released our 2015 Annual Report! Check it out online for more info about CR’s work across the country.

Meanwhile across our chapters…

CR Portland members are seeding the ground for a campaign to carve away at the use of cops as mental health responders, hosting open hours to engage volunteers, speaking at allied events, and facilitating our own workshops. At one such recent event we shared conversation connecting the Portland political landscape to recent CR campaigns and projects. Abolition is a strategy and we can build it in Portland through our work! Volunteer with the Portland Chapter, email

The CR New York City chapter has recently welcomed several new members who will be joining the work to close the state prison at Attica. As part of the Beyond Atticacoalition, we are engaged in community outreach in New York City as well as upstate communities that connects our platform to close Attica and build communities to other campaigns for prison and jail closure. We continue to host monthly volunteer nights where you can get to know the chapter members, our work, and strengthen our connections with people imprisoned in New York and Pennsylvania through our prisoner correspondence. Next volunteer night will be Tuesday May 31st from 7-9pm, please rsvp to to attend.

CR Los Angeles continues to fight jail expansion with the LA No More Jailscoalition. The County is proposing additional funds this year in the Sheriff’s budget for more jails, with the Sheriff’s budget making up 12% of the entire LA County budget while community resources continue to be underfunded. Opposition to the jail expansion proposals is steadily growing though. Check out thesebanners dropped across Los Angeles, and mark your calendars for an LANMJ’s Mothers Day event outside Lynwood jail on May 8th from 8am-12noon. More details to be posted soon.

Up the coast, the CR Oakland chapter is simultaneously fighting the increased militarization of the police through the Stop Urban Shield coalition while building up community resources for Oakland residents to know their options before calling 911 for emergencies, successfully decreasing exposure to the cops during medical or mental health crises. Urban Shield is an international war games and weapons expo that takes place every year in Alameda County. Come out to a town hall tonight, April 22 from 6-8pm, to learn more about organizing to shut it down for good!

If you’re in a chapter city, we hope to connect with you through this work. And if not,email us to find out about other national projects or ways to get involved in other cities!

In Solidarity,
Critical Resistance