CR members across the country were hard at work in 2016 eroding the power of the PIC and paving the way for healthy, self-determined communities. As you read our 2016 Annual Report, please join us in celebrating the past year and looking ahead with the determination, will and enthusiasm to continue fighting toward liberation.

With four chapters, dedicated membership, hundreds of volunteers, compelling campaigns and projects, and a national bilingual newspaper, CR is energized by this growing demand for organizing and ready to build our movement. It’s a ripe moment for advancing abolition, and also empowering to see years of concerted organizing and your loyal support coming to fruition.

With the skills and enthusiasm of our membership, 2016 was an incredible year of struggle and gains in our efforts to dismantle the prison industrial complex (PIC). Every step of the way in campaigns, projects and analysis, we have forefronted the necessity to invest in health and community resources as we divest from the systems of policing, cages, and surveillance that harm us. CR’s work across the country has helped prove that it is possible to dismantle the PIC piece by piece and build up alternatives block by block.

As 2017 begins, we are being met with grave challenges under Trump— as well as bothconservative and liberal agendas— that threaten immigrant, Muslim, Black, native and queer communities and the gains we have made in our struggles. Now is the time to redouble our efforts to fight for self-determination and against state repression’s primary tool: the prison industrial complex. CR is working with our movement partners to ensure that we keep building together in ways that are smart, compelling and powerful.

Even more is possible for our organization and our movement. We’re hopeful and ready to keep building and growing.

As you may know, since the economic crises of earlier this decade, we have intentionally and

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successfully transitioned from being funded primarily by foundations to having a robust income base. With you, we are building a strong, diverse base of funding: of individual donors, monthly sustainers, donor-advised funds, family foundations and foundations. Thank you for your support in making this possible and keeping us fortified!

Would you please share this annual report with friends, colleagues, and networks who you think would be excited about CR? We appreciate your generosity in helping us build this base; as new donors, networks, family foundations, and more seek us out, we know that you are actively supporting us.

Thanks for the backing you give Critical Resistance. We are shouldering into the fight against state repression and the PIC— and rallying to keep fighting for abolition! Onward!

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