On February 21st, CR Oakland and the No New SF Jail Coalition celebrated our victory against the jail proposal in SF and brought people together to build community momentum for lasting alternatives to imprisonment. Close to 100 people representing organizations and community groups that worked together to stop the jail came together at El Rio in San Francisco, sharing stories of our multi-year campaign against new jail construction in SF.nojail2.21.16pic2

Recognizing the need to work for systemic change in dismantling jails while supporting community members impacted by imprisonment and the racism of policing, we collected over $300 in donations for the family of Mario Woods. You can still donate to Mario Woods’ family. 

On December 15th, 2015 the No New SF Jail Coalition successfully pressured the Board of Supervisors to unanimously vote against building a new jail in San Francisco! This was due to several years of strong organizing demanding community based solutions to the City’s social and economic problems, not more cages.

While the No New SF Jail Coalition celebrates our victory, our work continues to ensure that San Francisco invests in real alternatives to imprisonment, and we hold strong to our demand: No Jails in SF, No Jails Anywhere!

  • The Coalition is writing a decarceration plan for SF. Have an idea for community resources instead of cages? We need researchers, social workers, mental health workers, nurses, and you to help with this plan.
  • Members of the Coalition are participating in a City working group to ensure closure of the jail at 850 Bryant. This group will have open meetings and we’ll be calling people out to attend & hold them accountable. Stay tuned!

Are you interested in getting involved in our ongoing work to ensure community based alternatives to imprisonment?
Contact 510.444.0484 or nosfjail@